主演: 杰瑞米·桑普特 凯瑟琳·拉·纳莎 杰森·多灵 克里斯托弗·麦克唐纳 
导演: Terry.Jastrow 
更新日期: 18-10-10

THE SQUEEZE Augie Baccus, (early 20s), a common man of uncommon skills, living in a small Texas town is a winner in life...starting quarterback in football, leading scorer in basketball, fastest in track, etc. When Augie wins his one day City Golf Championship by 15 shots breaking his own course record, a dapper Southern gentleman gambler, Riverboat and his over-the-top bejeweled wife, Jessie, who are driving cross country in their blue Thunderbird from Mississippi to Las Vegas hear of this uncommonly gifted young golfer on local radio. Turning off the highway, Riverboat heads to the local muni course to find Augie and convinces him to abandon his dreams of qualifying for the PGA Tour, and come play for him in high-stake gambling matches. Augies longtime girlfriend, Natalie, sassy, smart and take-no-prisoners is angered beyond tolerance as she watches Augie give up his dreams and compromise his integrity. Augie continues to win high stakes matches all across the state until theyre finally run out of Texas. Riverboat and Augie head for Las Vegas where they play in even higher stakes matches until Augie finds himself pitted against a big-time Vegas gambler, Jimmy Diamonds, who has known connections to the mob. Augie continues to win every match until finally, Diamonds, fed up with the scam, breaks into Augies hotel room and brutally informs him hes going to end up at the bottom of a swimming pool wearing lead boots if he doesnt lose the match the next day. Fearing for his life, Augie attempts to escape but is soon discovered by a very angry Riverboat who informs him he had better win the match the next day or hell do the deadly deed himself. Thus our hero is caught in The Squeeze. Win or lose-either way, hes dead. Can this appealing young man escape the opposing forces of evil and win back his girl? Welcome to The Squeeze. Its Tin Cup meets The Sting with a dollop of Caddyshack.

  • 纽扣战争


    In this gentle anti-war comedy, a class of French schoolboys divides into two factions who begin to battle each other, with the victors claiming the buttons off the clothes of the vanquished. One day, some of the boys pull a strategic coup by running into battle naked, therefore leaving their enemies nothing to steal. However, after this stunning victory, one of their number turns traitor to the other side, helping them plot a secret attack that leaves the recent champions in defeat. The informer is eventually found out and punished for his crimes, so he takes the matter to a higher authority and tells his parents hes been beaten up by bullies. Soon Mom and Dad are making trouble for their sons schoolmates, with the culprits facing a stay in juvenile hall. - Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

  • 爱情敏感地带


    舞蹈员叶秀雯(叶佩雯 饰)在结婚前与准新郎闹翻了,因为撞破他与旧情人仍在交往,他一失变成一得,在追逐旧爱时却觅生命最爱,邻居好友芳方(吴辰君 饰)自资开创芭蕾舞学校,自以为拥有家传秘方御夫术,定可事业爱情两兼顾,驾驭同居男友齐仁辉,却从不了解男人永远野情难驯。他们在康庄的爱情道上还是不停地左顾右盼,...找寻新刺激新猎物。今回仁辉看上了路边的野花,以为这个中国舞蹈员是邻家小妹妹,可以令他偷试云雨情,享尽齐人之艳福,哪知世事总有莫名的布局……

  • 搭讪的法则


    英俊不凡的民俊(宋一国 饰)是情场上的高手,性感的智媛(孙艺珍 饰)也相貌出众,能把异性深深吸引住。这两名恋爱高手被命运安排走到了一起。   为了吸引住民俊,智媛佯装交通事故,进一步接近民俊了。民俊与智媛都知道,他们遇上了高手,各有自己的战斗策略,两人同样没有把自己的本色显露出来,一路互相摸索。   为了探究,他们都忽略了自己已坠入爱河。这一场“恋爱战争中”,两人到底谁会胜出呢?

  • 天黑.夏午.阖家观赏


    《天黑》:一个天生失明的男孩却拥有天才的音乐天赋,他经常独自在校园练琴,遇上一个刚好失恋的女孩,男孩听见了吵架和哭泣声,慢慢弹出一曲《天黑黑》慰藉女孩,两人就此相识,还相约去了海边……《夏午》:开车结伴出行的两女一男,隐藏着一段三角关系。一个女孩要求停车解手,却发现另两人 趁她离开的一小会亲热,她愤 怒地用石头杀死了两个人,却最终发现只是一段臆想……《阖家观赏》:一组来自法国的电台工作人员,选中林家拍摄一辑节目,要求跟拍他们一家三口整个周末的生活,并邀请他们参加“世界最有趣家庭选拔赛”,林

  • 热恋嘉年华


    贾斯汀的一天很简单:下午起床,随便练习一下空手道,然后帮忙朋友的景观设计公司作些除草的工作。一天,镇上来了个马戏团,当中有个魅力十足的女孩,唤醒贾斯汀的每一根神经,转瞬间,让他的日子变得多彩多姿了起来...   影片讲述男女主人公从戏剧性的相遇,相识到相恋的爱情喜剧故事。

  • 亚飞与亚基


    一入洪门深似海,阿飞与阿基花了二十年青春在黑社会中打滚,黑道上的风波、风险、风流、疯狂,他们一一尝尽,但依然心有不甘,皆因未曾风光叱咤过,真到他们遇到关公。阿飞与阿基终于出人头地了。可惜阿飞阿基同时爱上了一个女人----阿真。阿真却是个不爱男人爱女人的同性恋者。   黑道生涯原是梦,爱情亦是梦,阿飞 与阿基终于要面对现实,甚至面对生死关头。